Luru Luru Ethereal Guyang Abao April Yang Demonstration|A cloud made of rain in the wind (A cloud made of rain in the wind)

2023 年 02 月 16 日

Music, take you through the sky and bring you to meet the real freedom

During the epidemic prevention period, how are you all?

During the epidemic, the editor listened to music and played musical instruments more. Like reading, in this temporary space and movement restrictions, music and books are sharp tools to take you to travel the world and find the pure land of your soul!

Today I want to take Lu Ru's friends to review Hayao Miyazaki's 1986 classic - the theme song of Laputa in the Sky"Accompanying You をのせて". Let's enjoy the original singer first - Inoue Xingmei (麻上あずみ).

This version really sang deeply into the bottom of my heart. Clear, tactful, sincere and unhurried narration. The little notes of each bead and word are like raindrops, moistening things silently... just like the original sound essence of ethereal drums and hand pans and the original intention of playing--pure, moist, and touching the true heart. How do we go through the limitations of time and life during the epidemic, move towards the true freedom of soul and heart, and meet our true self?

To Lu Ru friends, the second version, I hope to bring you the answer. This version is provided for beginners of ethereal drums, this version can help you quickly enter the wonderful new world of powerful and vast music!

If you are an advanced player of ethereal drums and hand discs, challenge different versions, we look forward to seeing your cover! Record it and upload it to the Luru Club, accompany each other during the epidemic, and use the power of music to walk together! Luru Kongling Drum also has its own fan page and Facebook community . Thousands of Kongling Drum enthusiasts will accompany you to fight against the epidemic. Welcome to join the community !

Finally, I would like to share with you, the poet depicted in Rilke's"Sonnets to Orpheus"—the world must be double, so that the voice is possible, eternal and gentle. May the ethereal drum and hand disc take you through the real freedom of the soul in the dual world of the epidemic at this moment through emotion and imagination.