1. What is a rowing machine? Is the material made of real logs?嗎?

The rowing machine can exercise nearly 90% of the muscles of the whole body and strengthen the core muscles without hurting the joints. It is a very good fitness equipment器材。

Log Water Resistance Rowing MachineIt is the integration of "logs" and "resistance water tank" with a pleasant sound and in line with the real feeling of rowing受。Plug-free and easy to move and designed to store upright納,The footprint is only the size of a tile。

The rowing machines of the mobi log series are all made of real logs. Other brands confuse the public with veneered wood. We only use the best logs to ensure that they will last forever.,確保歷久彌新。

2. What is the difference between mobi rowing machines with different logs?

  • The design principle of the mobi water resistance rowing machine is the same, the difference is that於Log type Overall shape Track length Water tank design and internal padding部划漿 material。
  • Retro VintageIs the top specification has有All aluminum body + walnut rail The retro design is the most beautiful drag rowing machine in the world機。
  • ClassicThe elegant appearance of the best-selling model and the same retro style as the Retro有Ergonomic water tank with long track箱andInside is three leaf stainless steel metal pasteThe advantage of swiping feels extremely smooth and stable定。

If you want the best swipe stability and the most elegant appearance, please choose選retro styleorclassic style,And it is suitable for the whole family. If the space is small and mostly used by women, you can choose Meimei.的 Fasion Fashion;Recommended for budget considerationsXiao Mo Pro Max Edition。The above can also be determined according to personal preferences and the color matching of home decoration.。

The mobi log series has a 5+1 year warranty (log body for five years + wear parts for one year) and the Mobi series has a 1 year warranty for the entire machine年。

(The height limit for retro and classic models is 200cm, and the load-bearing capacity is 150KG. The fashion model and Xiao Mo series are recommended to be used under 185cm and within 120KG.G以內)

3. The difference between mobi smart rowing machine and other brands?

The mobi water resistance rowing machine has the most advanced patented structural design and a unique smart APP in the world. Please see the comparison table below較表。

For more detailed analysis, please see看【Super professional detailed water resistance rowing machine selection guide南

4. The space is limited and the water can be stored upright. Do you want to pump it out?掉嗎?

It can be stored upright at any time. It only takes 3 seconds and has a flat space of 52*54cm. It does not need to be pumped out and is convenient to use at any time.時使用。

5. Delivery time, is the price negotiable or does it include shipping?嗎?

Mobi Taiwan's general agent throughout the year includes shipping costs for all non-price products (except for water purification tablets) to provide the best price without raising prices and then discounts to protect the rights of consumers who have purchased. The company's pricing strategy also makes it unprofitable for parallel importers to avoid Consumers mistakenly buy parallel imports誤買水貨問題。

Smart rowing machine & elliptical machine

  • Special packaging for rowing machines shipped from Shanghai warehouse takes 7~12 working days to arrive at home到府。
  • It takes 15-28 working days for the overweight items to be delivered from the Yiwu warehouse of the elliptical machine到府。


  • 2~3 working days for shipment from Taipei warehouse府。

6. Warranty time and differences in Taiwan How to repair修?

Mobi log series 5+1 year warranty (log warranty is 5 years, non-log parts are guaranteed for 1 year) Taiwan warranty is 1 year for Mobi series, elliptical machines and flywheels. You can contact us through online customer service and we will serve you immediately為您服務。

All mobi rowing machines purchased in Taiwan will receive exclusive electric water pump water purification tablets片。

7. Do you have a physical store or LINE official account??

Experience services are available in New Taipei City (mobi concept store), Taichung City (MiiX) and Tainan City (Media). Reservations are required, please make an appointment in advance約。

Online consultation is available year-round to Taiwan customers mobi The world's best price and best service務。

you can join usmobi official fan groupand mobi LINE Official Account,Use the message function to contact us or LINE search ID: @mobii

8. Is it easy to assemble by yourself? Can you help with assembly?組裝?

The assembly is very easy. The whole machine only needs to lock 8~12 screw locks by itself and fill the water tank with water.用。

The instruction manual is very clear. The official website also has a video teaching attached. Many female customers have feedback after assembling it by themselves. It is indeed very simple.簡單。

We also offer additional billingValue-added services sent to the government after assembly and testing,However, due to the limited manpower of dedicated drivers, Shuangbei and Taoyuan are currently the main drivers.主。

9. What kind of water should be added to the water tank and how long should the water be changed?水?

Just add tap water, no need to change water水。

Depending on the local water quality, add a random water purification tablet for half a year or a year (to prevent algae growth))。

10. How much water should be added to the water tank? Is the strength higher?嗎?

The amount of water below the water level marked on the side of the water tank must never exceed to avoid water leakage when standing upright. The amount of water will affect the strength, but it mainly depends on the speed of paddling.漿的速度。

11. What maintenance does the rowing machine need??

The mobi rowing machine does not require much maintenance, just simply wipe the log body and water tank可。

12. Can it scratch the wooden floor? Is it stable enough when scratching?定?

There are 4 sets of PU professional anti-sliding blocks under each rowing machine track, shockproof, non-slip, scratch-resistant and sound-proof. Don’t worry about scratching the precious floor in your home.地板。

13. How to download and use the APP?

After installing the APP from the App Store or downloading the APK, you need to log in. When registering, please select the beginning of the phone number in Taiwan to receive a registration verification code. Each user can log in with a personal mobile phone number. Individual exercise data will be recorded for easy planning of fitness goals. Check the current exercise effect at any time運動效果。 

14. How to connect the rowing machine’s Bluetooth smart box to the APP?

Directly press the bluetooth symbol in the upper right corner of the mobi fitness app to search and connect instead of turning on the bluetooth setting of the mobile phone to connect each device. After the first pairing is successful, there is no need for subsequent pairing. Every time you want to use it, pull the handle of the bluetooth box. automatic running自動運行。

Since the new version of the APP will not automatically cut off the connection between the mobile phone and the Bluetooth box, if you feel that the power consumption of the smart Bluetooth box is not normal, please remember to manually cut off the connection with the Bluetooth box on the APP when you are done exercising盒連結。

At this time, the light of the bluetooth box will turn blue and flash, and it will automatically go to sleep if it is not reconnected within two minutes (no light flashing), which will save power!囉!

15. How does the mobi APP synchronize with the heart rate belt or wristband?

The mobi fitness APP can be directly connected with the original heart rate belt to read the heart rate, and can also receive the heart rate data of Apple Watch (need to be paired with iPhone) or Huawei wristband (need to be paired with Huawei mobile phone). Only high-end models that meet ANT+ and Bluetooth 4.1 or above may support能支援。