Leading brand of intelligent sports equipment

Awaken a new sports experience with technology

Mobisport's hot-selling product Mobi intelligent rowing machine integrates fitness and rowing features, with its scientific hardware design and advanced interactive APP
Ranked first in the activity list of global sports equipment

Mobi's strong technical research and development team

A number of patented designs and establishment of core barriers

The team comes from large companies such as Samsung and Alibaba. It is good at sports technology, Internet of Things and product services. With a strong R&D team composed of many doctors studying in the United States, it standardizes sports data and applies it to rowing in the research of biomechanics and sports mechanics.

Via Xiaomi and Walmart

Strict quality inspection audit and factory inspection standards Building a rowing machine you can trust

17 appearance inspection process

Quickly identify appearance defects of products, such as pits, warpage, gaps, burrs, uneven color, etc.

131 quality management processes

Carry out product sampling inspection, control quality through 131 professional processes, and promptly warn and deal with abnormal quality

Over 300,000 pull tests

All samples have passed 300,000 tensile tests to ensure product durability

First look at our lovely team

(The confidential research and development office is not open)

Indoor violence test area of ​​various styles

(has been ravaged to the point that it cannot be a "model" but still looks strong)

Let's take a look at the factory, warehouse and packaging shipment

(The place where the secret weapon is hidden cannot be disclosed)

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