If you don't know your ring circumference, you can refer to the following measurement methods.

The ring size of the Tesla Ring adopts the American ring circumference and is designed as a wide ring. It is recommended to be half a size larger than the usual thin ring size.

1. The existing ring measurement method:

If you already have a ring at hand and the ring size is suitable, you can directly measure the"inner diameter"of the ring by laying it flat, and then compare the diameter with the ring size table at the bottom to find out what your American ring size is . Or you can know what size ring is suitable for you by placing the ring in the comparison picture below and directly comparing the diameter of the inner circumference.

2. Professional measurement method:

At present, Zhonghe physical store in New Taipei City is open to experience try-on and measurement. It is close to An MRT Station and requires an appointment. Please make an appointment on the official fan page and confirm that the customer service replies that the appointment is successful before going. You can also directly purchase the ring measurement kit on the official website. Just put your finger in it to know what ring size suits you. In addition, jewelry stores usually provide similar tools to measure the circumference of rings. You can go to the jewelry store to measure before purchasing.

Three, simple measurement method:

What if you are buying a ring for the first time and don't have any reference rings at hand?

You can prepare an inelastic thin line (for calibration) or a small piece of paper (easy to measure too much), mark it around the finger where you want to wear the ring, and then place the paper or line flat to measure and compare the ring Fill out the size chart and you're done!

However, because most people use this method, the shape of the paper strip or string after winding is not a perfect circle, so most of the measurement results will be too large. According to past experience, the measurement results of this method will be reduced by about 1. Close to the correct value!

For example:Xiaobian usually wears the American ring #7 on the middle finger. The actual diameter of the inner circumference of the ring is 17.3mm, but the circumference of the finger is 56.8mm (converted inner diameter is about 18mm) using a paper strip around the finger. The numerical comparison ring size chart is US size #8, so pay special attention to this!

Warm reminder:What should I do if the required size is out of stock or not available?

ANS:Out of stock, please select the pre-order on the style page and then select the size. Because it is hand-crafted in Georgia, Europe, it will take 21-45 working days. If the size is not in the default specification on the official website, please contact us through Messenger or LINE in the lower right corner to order.