Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which car models can Tesla Key Ring be used for??

At present, only Model 3 and Model Y support the unlocking and locking function of NFC. The Model S and Model X that will leave the factory in the second half of 2021 will also support it.支援。
The total number of supported keys is 19, including mobile key card keys (Tesla ring) and up to 4 remote keys鑰匙。

2. Where is it designed and produced??

Tesla Ring is designed and manufactured by CNICK in Georgia, Europe. It is the first brand in the world to produce Tesla induction rings.牌。

3. How the Tesla Ring is Made?

The main material is selected logs and embedded with Tesla's original NFC chips. To ensure the service life and wearing comfort, CNICK will use unique techniques to process natural logs to combine nature and craftsmanship. Finally, it is covered with a waterproof transparent layer to ensure all kinds of use environment類使用環境。

4. Features and advantages of using logs?

CNICK is the only company in the world that uses logs to make Tesla induction rings. Compared with using metal or ceramic logs, it has the following characteristics特色。

  • The shape can be designed to be lighter, thinner and more textured, and it is very comfortable to wear舒適。
  • Wood material plus NFC chip perfect integration of nature and technology合。
  • The Tesla logo on the ring has a luminous effect. Remember to wear it in the sun or fluorescent lamps to make it more special.顯特別。

5. How to set the ring as a sensor key for the car?

The same steps as the original factory new card key, just change the card to your Tesla Ringg。

  • On the touch screen tap Controls > Locks then tap + in the Keys section鑰匙」區段中的「+」。
  • Scan your new Tesla Ring with the key sensor behind the cup holder above the center console. After the new Tesla Ring is recognized, please remove it from the card sensor.取下。
  • Scan your authenticated (meaning you can enter and exit the vehicle through it) card key in the key sensor area behind the cup holder above the center console。
  • When complete the list of keys on the touch screen will show the new Tesla Ring as verified and you can customize its name by tapping the associated pencil icon名稱。

6. What is the correct unlocking and locking gesture?何?

Tesla Ring is designed with a unique loop antenna to transmit signals to ensure the best sensing sensitivity. Therefore, please use your finger to touch the door unlocking and locking sensing area vertically instead of touching the ring surface for the correct gesture. Please refer to the picture below and the top one use the tutorial or使用教程或Official YouTube

7. What is the reason for poor induction sometimes, especially after parking for a period of time?後。

In the software update at the end of 2022, Tesla will reduce the sensitivity of the sensing area of some car models during standby, which will cause the ring or mobile app to not be unlocked normally. The solution is to pull the door handle to wake up the car. It's okay to unlock鎖就沒問題。

*The car card has a large sensing area, so there is no such problem for the time being. It may be normal after Tesla's software update in the future.正常。

8. Is there any suggestion on which finger to wear for better sensing??

Basically, any finger can wear it in the correct unlocking and locking posture, but it is not recommended for people with long fingers to wear the middle finger because it will be far away from the sensing area of the car door, which may lead to failure to sense it.到的情況發生。

9. Does it need to be charged? Is it durable?嗎?

No need to use electricity or recharge CNICK's craftsmanship ensures the best quality and durability will not break the ring due to dropping or getting stuck戒指。

10. Is it waterproof? Can I wear it while washing dishes?嗎?

You can wash your hands and swim in the shower, but please try to avoid harsh chemicals such as dishwashing liquid, so as to keep the appearance of Tesla Ring bright and intact與完整。

11. Can his crystal ring be used as a Tesla key??

Please note that other NFC rings or bracelets on the market cannot be used as Tesla keys because they do not have built-in induction chips and programs officially distributed by Tesla.程式。

Warm reminder, what should I do if the required size is out of stock or not available?辦?

Out of stock, please pre-order on the style page and then choose the size. It takes 21-45 working days because it is hand-crafted in Georgia, Europe. If the size is not in the default specification on the official website, please use Messenger orger或LINEContact us to order。