Simplifying Life: Overcoming Invisible Barriers

Smart Ring for Tesla

The world's first Tesla induction ring, with exquisite craftsmanship and design from Georgia in Europe, is a must-have stylish and convenient ultra-high-quality accessory for Tesla owners.
The perfect combination of CNICK's high-standard hand-crafted process and natural logs creates amazing art products!
*Support Model 3, Model Y and Model X, Model S produced after the second half of 2021*

Thinking About Simplifying Our Life and Overcoming The Obstacles Led US to the Conclusion that Even the Most Invisible Barriers DiscomFort us And Waste Our Precious Ti. Me. Standing at the turnStiles in Front of Our University, It too exclustly, entrance permit among the cards. More importantly, we had to repeat the same exact process many times at different locations during the day.

We realized that accessing the systems with just “a simple hand movement” would make our lives easier. That's why we decided to develop a smart ring.


We are a group of people unified by a shared vision and belief. We encounter lots of challenges every day, we gain knowledge and work hard to bring to life a novel ideas that will simplify people's lives.
We met each other and started developing our product at the university. Since then we have won multiple Startup competitions which gave us an opportunity to develop CNICK ring.