1. What is the difference between Kongling drum and hand disc?

Ethereal drum Steel tongue drum, also known as steel tongue drum, has a brighter sound and is suitable for slower music styles. It is easy to learn Handpan Handpan, also known as UFO drum.難度較高,詳細介紹可參考Hand dish Q&A

Lu Ru is the original inventor of Kongling Drum and Lotus Drum, and has more than 45 patents. The quality and tone are guaranteed to be the best.障。 

The Kongling drum is very easy to get started. Just tap the scales on the numbered notation. People without music background can also learn to play the Kongling drum in 10 minutes. It can promote hand-eye coordination and activate the brain. It can relieve stress and heal the body and mind.療身心靈。

For teaching, please refer to the global exclusive free courses:LuRu Luru Ethereal Drum Teaching

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2. Style differences in different sizes and scales?

Size and material are the most important factors affecting the sound of ethereal drums. The better the material and the larger the size, the better the sound. The more scales you have, the more pieces you can play.更多曲目。


  • Luru Hollow Drum 14-inch 15-tone D key is the most popular and perfect style. It uses the best titanium steel alloy material, special patented formula and supplemented by annealing process. The sound is more saturated and stable. Across 2 octaves, it can play a wide range of music styles, which is more suitable for professional performance. The tone is beautiful and continuous. The long tail has a special pronunciation and resonance. Hammer texture is also better機)裝飾,搭贈的烏木鼓槌質感也更佳。
  • Luru Hollow Drum 14 inches 15 tone D key The material of the retro plating is the same as titanium steel, but the plating surface is more complicated, so it will be more expensive. The basic sound is the same, but some customers who come to experience it will say that the retro plating model is better. The sound of the saxophone bright surface material will be better. It is recommended to choose the color you like.自己喜歡的顏色即可
  • Luru Butterfly Drum 15 inches 14-tone C key The purest style High-grade copper-infiltrated material Copper-containing steel adopts dish-shaped design Lighter weight Copper infiltrated After complex heat treatment process, the pronunciation will become extremely pure and have an excellent sense of hierarchy It is the purest timbre among all models, which can meet the needs of professional performance. There are hand-woven rope decorations on the outside, and the texture of the ebony drumsticks is also better.裝飾,搭贈的烏木鼓槌質感也更佳。

*For the sound difference between the 15-note hollow drum and the 14-note butterfly drum, please音差異請watch video


  • Luru Wangyou Drum 14-inch 15-tone C key suitable for both beginners and professionals. Balanced high C/P value style. High-quality carbon steel alloy and supplemented by annealing process. Stable sound range spans 2 octaves and can play a wide range of music styles. It is more stable and restrained, and has a special end sound. The resonance end sound is a little shorter than the ethereal drum. There are hand-woven rattan/woven cloth (random) decorations on the periphery. It is also very suitable for home decoration and has collection value.常適合居家擺飾,具有收藏價值。
  • Luru Wangyou Drum 14 inches, 13 tones C and 15 tones, the only difference is that 13 tones are suitable for children or beginners who don’t need too many scales. There are hand-woven rattan/woven cloth (random) decorations on the outside, which is also very suitable for home decoration. Collection value,具有收藏價值。
  • Lu Ru Wangyou Drum 12 inches, 15 tones C and 15 tones. The difference is that the size is smaller, 12 inches. It is suitable for beginners who want to carry more easily and have more scales. There are hand-woven rattan/woven cloth (random) decorations on the periphery, which is also very suitable for home decoration. Ornaments are collectible,具有收藏價值。
  • Luru Kongling Drum 12 inches, 11/13 tone C, small size and scale, easy to carry and use better steel and titanium alloy than Huashu, suitable for beginners but customers who require sound quality The only 12-inch peripheral with hand-woven rattan/woven cloth The (random) decoration is also very suitable for home decoration and has collectible value擺飾,具有收藏價值。


  • Huashu Lotus Drum 13 inches 15-tone carbon steel alloy in D key and supplemented by annealing process. The range spans 2 octaves. The music style is very wide.布(隨機)裝飾。
  • Huashu Lotus Drum 12-inch 13-tone C-tuned carbon steel alloy supplemented by annealing process and short tail resonance is the most basic style基本的款式。
  • Small Wangyou Drum 6 inches 11-tone D key suitable for both beginners and professionals High C/P value style High-quality carbon steel alloy supplemented by annealing process The tone is stable and clear with pleasant and loud resonance and no iron tone Easy to carry Comes with 2 different sets Drumsticks can be played on the table or placed in the palm of the hand桌上敲打,也可置於掌上敲擊。

*All 15-tone styles can be purchased additionally due to the large scale distribution and the treble part is weak加購Fairy Drumsticks Enhance or pair with thistreble mate。

3. Differences between official website purchases, parallel imports and counterfeit products?

The following nine guarantees are available only when purchasing from the official website:

Luru Kongling Drum Butterfly Drums are all through the original secondary tuning technology. The tone is more accurate to meet the requirements of professional performance. Luru specially ordered titanium diamond or copper infiltrated steel from the steel factory. The carbon content ratio is very stable and it is not easy to produce iron knocking sounds The drums have been strictly checked before leaving the factory, which is a level of quality that cannot be achieved by imitations of other brands.達不到的質量水平。

Wangyou Drum is Luru's new healing series. It has the same intonation requirements and the same rich accessories as Luru's Kongling Drum, but it is made of high-quality carbon steel alloy and the price is relatively close to the people. Sales are limited to the official website and physical channels.路銷售。

Huashu is a sub-brand of Luru. Some low-priced sellers on Shopee mainly use the early styles of the brand. If you use a magnet to absorb it, you will know that the iron content is too much and the sound quality is not good. In 2021, the Zhonghuashu will be remodeled and upgraded. Daicai began to introduce as the most affordable choice for entry and gift giving的最實惠選擇。

Magnetic attraction test video:https://youtu.be/xBbCHQymKzQ

Luru 14-inch 15-tone Kongling drum > Luru 12-inch 11/13-tone Kongling drum > Luru 14-inch Wangyou drum > Huashu lotus drum > sub-brand or imitation貨

Please pay attention to imitation or fraud. Many people have responded that there is a problem with the purchase or the picture and text do not match.符:Please click here for how to identify counterfeit goods or fraudulent advertisements。

* Each Luru Wangyou and Huashu Kongling Drum has a unique numbered counterfeit label and is not an out-of-original product (defects such as inaccurate timbre)疪):Please click here for general agent certification and legitimate dealer display points。

4. Which color do you recommend or your favorite color is out of stock?

The color is determined by personal preference. The light color is bright and elegant, and the dark color is calm. (pre-order)預購)即可。

5. Sound production principle and playing method?

6. Does it need to be oiled and maintained? Is it waterproof and easy to rust?鏽?

The whole body is made of stainless steel alloys such as titanium, gold, carbon steel, or copper infiltration不會生鏽。
If the surface is accidentally scratched and the metal material is exposed, you can apply transparent or colored nail polish to avoid the worry of rusting in water疑慮。

*Do not put the bubbles in water and wipe them dry as soon as possible乾。

7. Arrival time after placing an order?

Spot styles after payment 1~3 days in Taiwan, excluding holidays, depending on different places in foreign countries各地不同。

9~30 days after payment for the pre-ordered style, excluding holidays. The time is determined by the factory process.決定時間。