When the disc meets the harp

2023 年 02 月 16 日

The beauty of music is that there are infinite combinations

The editor is going to share this duo—Luminescent with Luru fans today.

Luminescent means soft light and cold light in Chinese, which is close to moonlight — soft and peaceful (the group name is also beautiful). The creation of this combination began in 2015. It is the perfect combination of two instruments by hand-pan musician Pierre-Olivier Bolduc and harp musician Coralie Gauthier! Create a dreamy and bright situational atmosphere, allowing you to move to other lighter universes, making you feel like you are slowly floating... This is the core concept created by two talented musicians. I think it is you and me in the epidemic. needed 😃

Their compositions are inspired by different world melodies and styles such as:

  1. Raga music:Simply put, it is the mode used in the melody of Indian classical music, but this word literally translates as"color"and"hue", and can also be interpreted as"beauty"and"melody".
  2. Indonesian Gamelan music:It is a multi-timbral ensemble music composed of instruments including iron piano, xylophone, bamboo flute (suling), gongs, human voice, plucking and pulling. In addition to becoming Indonesian court and religious music, it also had a great influence on Western music in the 20th century.

Today, I selected this work for fans – Equinoxe Day and Night, this film was shot in the small town of Quebec, Canada—Val-David

Looking forward to Luminescent's works to accompany us through the extended alert level 3 again, and looking forward to more friends getting to know hand pans and ethereal drums , which are very suitable for improvisation and can be quickly learned! For hand discs, you can go to the official website to choose the style that suits you, and enjoy and share the beauty of music performance and creation together^^!

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