Why is it called Kongling Drum?

2023 年 03 月 13 日

Origin of Ethereal Drum

Ethereal Drum - It is a kind of melody that should only exist in the sky, healing and purifying our body and mind

Features of Hollow Drum

Kongling Drum is a new type of national musical instrument designed and built by Luru Musical Instruments. Kongling Drum, also known as Steel Tongue Drum, is one of the youngest folk music, and its copyright patent is held by Luru Musical Instruments. It has a melodious and mellow sound similar to the Western Zhou musical instrument"Chime Bell", but the chime bell is bulky, while the Kongling Drum combines modern technology and sound theory, and is simple in shape, small and exquisite, and easy to carry. It is extended based on the Chinese pentatonic mode, and the spectrum is 123456. There is no complicated music theory system, and it does not require a high foundation of music theory. It is easy to learn and is a new instrument that is easy to learn.

#Luru Konglinggu#新世界钟钟# Handheld Mini Kongling Drum will be available for pre-order soon
#最健康的声音This medicine should only exist in the sky #忘悲鼓 #One of the youngest folk music

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