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Newly upgraded Charles classic model North American imported ash wood + environmentally friendly water-based paint ※The most comfortable paddling body feeling and stability!
※The most elegant visual and underwater sound enjoyment!
※Special patented design and constantly updated smart APP functions!

[Time-saving and efficient] Running ten kilometers is not as good as rowing for half an hour [Fat burning and shaping] Create beautiful body curves without hurting joints [Smart assistance] Exclusive smart rowing machine APP, fun and enjoyable [Coach live broadcast] Daily live broadcast and 24hr on-demand course, long-lasting interest

※Exclusive gifts for Taiwan customers
1. Electric water pump
2. Special water purification tablets for water resistance rowing machines

Arrival time ▪ about 9~15 working days (excluding holidays)

Warranty Instructions ▪ The rowing machine is unpacked and assembled, which is equivalent to being used and cannot be returned or exchanged ▪ The log is guaranteed for five years, and the non-log parts are guaranteed for one year
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