Treble Mate 6-inch 8-tone

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The 15-tone Titanium Steel Hollow Drum is the best-selling style in the world, highly recommended!
*Genuine goods have rigorous process and are easy to be out of stock. If the color you want is not available, please pre-order it first. Good quality musical instruments are worth the wait!
*This genuine version contains more than 5kg of packaging and accessories, and cannot be delivered by supermarkets, so it is limited to home delivery.

Gift accessories:
① Ebony drumstick + mallet rest + finger cot (it is recommended to buy a fairy drumstick and get an extra set of finger cots, just right for left and right hands)
②Special drum bag (Italian HCT co-branded model)
③300 hardcover sheet music ④Metallic scale stickers (already pasted) + black and white scale stickers (self-attached)
⑤Handmade rattan or cloth weaving (random shipment)
Product desciption

product specification

㊀6 inch 8-tone D or C key ㊁Special carbon steel + electroplating spray paint ㊂H 6cm x 18cm in diameter
Single drum weight 1kg


Beat easily with both hands and a peaceful heart according to the scale of numbered notation


Hand-eye coordination activates the brain to relieve stress and heal the body and mind


Applicable to all human beings aged 1~99

shelf life

The world is old, the sea is dry and the rocks are rotten

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Delivery methods

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International parcels (USA, Australia, New Zealand, France, Germany, 12~16 days, Gayi Sirini 15~30 days) FedEx to Oman

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Credit card (Visa, Master, JCB supported)
bank transfer ATM
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