fairy drumstick

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The Best Selling Ethereal Drum Accessories!
*The pointed head has a smaller area mallet, which is suitable for use in the dead of night
*The side or blunt head has a larger area of ​​the mallet head, which can enhance the performance of the treble
Product desciption

product specification

㊀Premium silicone x old bamboo drip paint x easy grip design ㊁Three-way knocking anti-roll head + three-ring finger point ㊂Total length 24.5cm (mallet handle 22cm)
Weight 33g (one pair)
*Product does not include mallet


Relax your shoulders and neck with your hands & a peaceful heart and beat flexibly


Three kinds of percussion surfaces create different feel and effect


Applicable to all human beings aged 9~99

shelf life

please be gentle with fairies

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